Social Media's DARK SIDE & My November Favourites!

December 1, 2018


It probably isn’t too far fetched to think that most people have a sort of love-hate relationship with social media… Something that I struggle with myself is the jealousy and self-judgment that can come from comparing yourself to everyone else’s highlight reels, likes and followers. However, what’s even more interesting to me is the compelling need to constantly keep sharing content, which can sometimes be the bit of extra motivation that I need, but it can also get in the way of ‘doing it for the love of it’. For that reason, it’s not often that I go without posting and photographing for weeks at a time, and yet, I’ve recently sadly slipped into that exactly routine… 


Last month, I spoke about my exciting camper van conversion project, which is still coming along but it’s completely all-consuming and physically exhausting. By finding more balance, I know that I could do more photography and be more productive without subjecting myself to the unnecessary anxiety and immense pressure brought on by not being able to create content. But it’s not until now that I’ve almost accepted the idea of just being patient with myself, pushing through the indescribable desire for content and looking forward to a longer term reward than just a couple of photos here and there.


Anyway, all that said, I did get a few photos that I’m really happy with last month, so I hope you enjoy them!






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