Why You Should Print Your Photos

October 3, 2017


Think about it - when was the last time you printed one of your photos? A month ago? A few years ago?! Where there is an abundance of images being shared online these days, not nearly enough are being printed, and this is why it's so important!


1) When you print a photo, it comes to life. It's physical and tangible and something you can hold!


2) Why not hang it on a wall? Don't just share it online for it to be forgotten about in a couple of days. Display it loud and proud as a source of inspiration or just a nice decoration!


3) Nobody's got the space or money to be printing there hole camera roll, and that means that you have to be selective and only print your best or your favourites. In turn, forcing you to be critical about your own images.


4) If it's not perfect, it's no good! When you print a photo, you can't away away with quite as much as you would on a screen. Sometimes, you start to notice things that you may have previously overlooked and, that way, you don't make the same mistake again!


5) What's going to happen when you loose your phone, or you hard drive fails? Good job you have your favourite photos in print!




You can see what prints I have for sale here!





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