A Guide To Getting Inspired!

September 22, 2017


I wouldn't say that I've been all that inspired lately, so what can I do to change that? Here's a short list of things that I like to do if I'm lacking in inspiration or motivation... Hopefully it helps someone in dealing with a creative slump!


1) Get out and explore

The Cornish coastline and natural wonders have always been my greatest source of inspiration and they're still my number one go-to. Whether it's new locations or old favourites, I'm always coming back with more ideas and photos in mind.


2) Explore new perspectives

A good example of this is my recent shoot at St Michael's Mount... An old location for me but a completely different idea! I've also been able to get some really interesting and unique perspectives recently with my drone... A few meters higher, a few hundred meters out to sea or from a top-down perspective. Suddenly, old locations that didn't work for me before have resulted in amazing images.



3) Find and follow new people

More and more people are posting new content each and every day on social media, so why not spend an hour or two searching Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for something interesting or someone new. Look for something that grabs you, something that you've never seen done before or someone that's just making the most of what they have and doing it really well. You're bound to find some new people to follow!


4) Utilise Instagram

Post a #TBT, message someone for a feature, find what hashtags get you the most engagement... Just get the ball rolling again. There's nothing like a good ego boost from all the likes and nice comments! You can also search photos from a specific location that you might have in mind and see what people are capturing and coming away with.


5) Take Google Images a step further

If I have a location in mind, I find sites like Flickr or 500px much better for finding higher quality images. Additionally, if you run a Google search with the word “Photography” at the end of the search, you'll usually weed out a lot of the snapshots and find truly impressive photography!


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