2 Weeks With My New Drone – DJI Mavic Pro

September 14, 2017



First thoughts

With my interest in aerial photography increasing, it was only a matter of time before I begun researching different drones and finally made a purchase. I went for the DJI Mavic Pro because of it's foldable design and truly portable nature. Plus, DJI really know what they're doing now (not like Go Pro who have the Karma drone with a history of falling out of the sky). The Mavic's footage is great and the gimble is super smooth to.


All that said, my actual first thought was more like “shit, this will cost me a lot of money”... I better not crash it into a tree or fly it into a lamppost when it comes! Thankfully, it was fairly easy to control and I was quick to learn how to use it. I can also set the drone up in good time, as long as the firmware doesn't need updating. Additionally, the app isn't perfect, but it works just fine and I find myself using all of it's features (even the editor) anyway. Finally, there's the 15-25 minute battery life... I've got a spare for that reason, but I don't want to be bringing it back mid flight to swap it over.


Fun facts

Total flights: Eleven

Total flight time: 2 hours 16 minutes

Total distance: 22,382m

Top distance: 4,020m

Top speed: 46.7 kmh / 29mph

Favourite flight: My first proper flight, along the River Camel at sunset.

Shortest flight: My first actual flight, four minutes long, almost straight up and back down.

Windiest flight: My tenth flight, at Wheal Frances near Redruth, when the drone was whisked hundreds of meters away and couldn't even fight the strong gusts.

Scariest flight: My fourth flight, when it ran critically low on battery and begun auto-landing in a field and then lost connection.

Attacked by birds: (nearly) once.


Favourite Videos



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