Back To The Basics, Just A Bit Better Now!

July 17, 2017


Far too many photographers will find themselves overly concerned with the figures and having a following. Of course, in this day and age a following is important, but fame doesn't need to be a driving force and it certainly isn't the be all or end all! What happened to the fun of it?


I for one, have recently found myself chasing photos that I never would've wanted to take a year or so ago. Why is this? Because it might do better on social media or may lead to jobs in the future! I can't be the only one?! I mean, I'm inspired by what other photographers are capturing and I am interested in the images I am capturing, but the pressures are certainly demotivating a lot of the time. Plus, I'm usually failing to get the results that I really want, so there's also a conflict and concern there.


Tonight, I got to try something a little different and needed to shift my focus back to the basics... Back to the type of photography that I enjoyed when my love for photography was just emerging... The catalyst for my photographic journey! Just a camera, a tripod and myself, standing shin deep in sea water, with breaking waves soaking me from the knees down!



The best bit about going back to the basics is that I could use everything that I have come to learn on my journey to where I am now. Knowing composition, settings and when it's the right moment to push the shutter button – the important ingredients that start to come easy after a while. I knew that it'd be an amazing evening and I knew that the tide would be just right, and it's not much more complicated than that! Better yet, I had all new equipment and much better filters. The result? Higher quality photos of a place that used to be a favourite. But above all else, it was fun.


Thanks to my last few posts, I'm starting to realise that balance is, like in most things, very important in photography. So you go in search of distant landscapes, just remember to enjoy what you already had at home from time to time. So your trying to capture vast and unbelievable, but also challenging and new scenes, remember to come back to the basics from time to time to! Feeling stale and like you're in a slump can creep up on you, but it comes around all too easily.


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