This Place Was Only An Hour Away!

July 12, 2017

After writing my previous post about exploring what's on your doorstep, I ended up wanting to go back and argue against my own point... We all need to appreciate what's readily around us, but we don't need to be restricted to it! It's a big world out there, and there's lots to explore!


The idea was to open up the boundaries a bit. I thought that I needed a challenge of some kind, and a one hour time limit on the journey sounded like it might just work. In the end, the real challenge turned out to be the choosing of what location to go to... There was an abundance of amazing places within an hour radius!


I decided to pick Portreath, because I had been there once before and the conditions looked perfect for it! I had particular view point in mind, so I parked right by it on Lighthouse Hill, where the harbour wall waited for me down below. Things were going great and the sunset was sure to be stunning!


First of all, I had to explore the area more – that was part of the challenge to! Whilst following the coastal path around the cliffs, I was met by a threatening group of seagulls, overly concerned about their fluffy little baby that I may have got a bit too close to as I tried to walk past... I don't need to tell you how scared I was when they started swarming around me! On the plus side, it was amazing to see so many bumblebees and butterflies, and the beautiful, purple Hawthorn bushes covering the cliff tops!



When the sunset started to get good, it was time to finally start photographing. Then, the clouds started to turn different shades of pink, and the scene looked absolutely stunning! However, it was strangely hard to capture – yep, another challenge...


I struggled with the dynamic range of the scene and the blending of different exposure times. Honestly, I'm still not sure if I even like the image I got, but I am happy that I had to deal with these challenges and could learn from. Plus, there's no doubting that Portreath was unbelievably beautiful and, photo or no photo, the evening was well spent exploring there! 


Portreath is in fact a location featured in the book “A Cornish Quest”. With over 70 stories of smugglers, shipwrecks, ghosts, giants and more, this book shares the exciting stories that go hand-in-hand with Cornwall's best locations to explore and enjoy. It adds further interest to already unbelievable places, and has taken me to places I had never even heard of before! Click here to check it out!


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