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July 3, 2017

It always amazes me when I find a new place that I absolutely love... How can somewhere so astonishing go so unnoticed?


As I searched the web for inspiration a few weeks ago, I came across a place called The Rumps. This place was only fifteen minutes down the road, and yet it took me eight years of living in Cornwall for it to come to my attention! It looked pretty cool in pictures, but it couldn't be that special if I hadn't heard of it before – right?


Knowing that I needed to check it out for myself, I dragged Harmony (my girlfriend) out of the house with me and we decided to go on an adventure. We parked the car at Pentire Farm and had to walk a short way from there. It wasn't long until we were running around the headlands, and up and down the hills like little children!


We had a lot of fun that evening enjoying the outdoors, and we were both impressed with what we had found. The landscape and cliff faces were so incredible that I had to return, and I was still speechless when I did! I could return time and time again and I'd be just as speechless each and every time!



Let me rephrase what I previously wrote... How can somewhere so astonishing and so close go so unnoticed? It always amazes me what you can find on your doorstep...


Perhaps Cornwall presents a bit of an advantage, with it's coastline so vast and incredible, so I just think that we should all enjoy as much as possible! Rock is just around the corner and I've only been there once! Equally, we can probably all agree that there are areas of outstanding beauty all over the UK. A beach, a mountain peak or even a park - you don't have to look far!


If you are lucky enough to live in Cornwall, or plan on enjoying a holiday here, then I want to recommend a book that I am proud to have worked on. It's taken me to places near and far that I never knew existed, and has introduced me to places that are hard to believe actually exist! Okay, so The Rumps isn't in it, but it does feature the likes of Chapel Porth, St Michael's Mount and Prussia Cove, and all of the old folktales that go with them! Click here to check it out!


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