Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall, UK

June 14, 2017


Until tonight, my streak of bad luck and terrible conditions had continued. I've been everywhere, from Charlestown to Godrevy, but not until this evening did I get something that I was happy with.

I'm not quite sure why I picked Trebarwith to go to, but when I arrived, I remembered exactly why I liked it so much - incredible cliffs, rediculous rock formations and powerful, crashing waves!

After taking a wrong turn, going through Delabole and driving on nothing but single track roads, I finally found myself in the valley that leads to the beach. I pulled up to the car park and into a space amongst an unfortunate amount of other cars... It was going to be busy... Too busy to claim a space on the rocks.

As I made my way down to the water's edge, I saw the crowds of people and all the tripods spread wide. A part of me was sadened, but I had come to capture something a little more unique anyway. In the end, I thought that I'd try the coastal path. That way, if I didn't find a composition, then I still would've explored somewhere new and I'd still get a good vantage point for the sunset.

On my way up the cliff, I came across a few potential spots, but in hopes to find something better, I moved on and climbed even further up. Finally, I reached the top and, sure enough, the views were immense! There I stood, at the edge of the Earth and the top of the world. The sun was just going down and the sky was starting to glow orange, and then red, and then pink! What a moment it was! But there was still the challenge of capturing a photo.


I scouted out the area and set my camera up in a promising position. I then turned the camera on and annoyingly saw that I had no CF card! Thankfully, I found a spare in the bottom of my bag and continued with the shoot. Knowing that I needed to try something different and show how epic the moment was, I placed myself in the scene. I went from standing up, to sitting down and then went to try and find another decent spot. That's when I dropped my expensive, glass filters! They landed in a patch of grass and not on a rock, but I cleaned them off, checked them for damage and scratches, and continued with the shoot once again.

The point that I hoped to make with this blog post is that, with all of the challenges on this shoot and the failures before it, I could've quite easily given up! But instead, I over came them, continued on and I am now grateful for how things worked out! I don't believe that everything happens for a reason, but it can sometimes seem that way! 


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