Widemouth Bay, Cornwall, UK

June 6, 2017


I'll be honest, I haven't taken any photos in what feels like forever! Aside from being busy, writing blog posts, enjoying the beach and spending time with family, the conditions just haven't been right... One minute it's too clear, and the next it's too wet! For tonight's shoot, things were no different... 


With wild wind and a feeling that it could rain at any second, I made my way to Widemouth Bay. My car was literally being blown of the road and, when I arrived at the car park, sand was being pelted at my windows! Nevertheless, I was going to be braving the elements tonight, even if there was no guarantee on the sunset, or if the stormy seas would be the end to my camera gear!


When I got to the water's edge, the sun was coming out and the sky was clearing up, so things were definitely working in my favour! However, the low cloud that was being quickly blown across the sky meant that the conditions could change for better or for worse, at any given minute. I was making the most of what I had - the colour, the clouds and the tide. The sun's position wasn't perfect either - still a little too high and bright.



I liked the look of some pools of sea water that had been left in the sand, so that's where I started. It was a safe bet that really should've worked well, but I struggled with all of the sea spray that constantly needed cleaning off my filters. That's when I decided to move from that spot and started scrambling over the rocks to see what else I could find.


There was so much to think of - subject, composition and light - the usual things, but there was also the cold and how much more my hands could take, the wind and how much my tripod could withstand, the sea water and how soggy my shoes were going to be, as well as how wet my filters were getting.


With conditions like these, I really should've known exactly what I was going for. I should've had the shot in mind and a composition in my head. Well, I kind of did, but not down to a tee. I'm actually quite surprised that I even got anything, and I think that's the beauty of having an ultra wide angle lens and an interesting subject - it just works - more often than not at least!


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