Trevose Head, Cornwall, UK

April 18, 2017


With a viewpoint that looks down on the headland and out to the Atlantic (and all from your car), Trevose Head is about as good as it gets for spots to watch the sunset! It also has rugged cliffs, incredible coastal paths and beautiful surrounding beaches, and let's not forget the lighthouse!


For all of those many reasons and more, Trevose is a hot spot for locals and holiday makers alike. Sitting in between the beaches of Harlyn and Constantine on the north coast of Cornwall, it can be easily accessed via the small village of St Merryn. 


Other than the views, lighthouse and car park, there’s not much to Trevose so don’t expect to find toilets and a quaint cafe (go to nearby Bedruthan Steps for that). Go to Trevose for the coastal walks and watching the sun go down, and you won’t be disappointed!


The car park used to cost about £2, but it has since been raised to £4... That’s due to the recent purchase of the headland by The National Trust. They’re hoping to maintain the area of outstanding beauty, preserve the view and promote and protect the diversity in wildlife. I just hope that they start with the pot holes and unnecessary speed bumps in the road!


I've photographed Trevose head many times in the past, but I was recently going through those old photos and had the urge to return. The mission was to reshoot the location, but with more interest in the sky. Another recent urge of mine is to capture much more interesting light on the landscape itself and not just in the sky, so I arrived nice and early to capture the cliff sides glowing from the setting sun.


Ideally the tide would've been a bit higher for this shoot, but that didn't matter too much. Luckily, the sea got a bit choppier (literally from calm, to chaotic), which created a bit more drama and detail.

Once I found my composition and stopped running around on the rocks, the shoot became very relaxed. My camera was all set up and I was sat comfortably taking in the views and listening to the waves crash. Other than all of the midges, it was a perfect evening!


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