Perranporth Beach, Cornwall, UK

May 10, 2017


I can't begin to explain how glad I am that I went out to Perranporth this morning! It was amazing, and to think that I almost gave it a miss... I thought that the sky might've been too clear for a good photo shoot, but everything just seemed to fall into place!


I actually already had the spot in mind, and you can read about when I first scouted it by clicking here. Obviously, it is an absolutely stellar location, but something always seemed to get in the way of me shooting it. On my last attempt, I returned to the spot to find barriers all along the cliff that literally blocked the photoshoot from happening. And, from that point on, I knew that I would have to come back at sunrise, so I didn't attract any unwanted attention by ignoring the signs and climbing over the barriers.


When I arrived this morning and parked on the left side of the beach, there were just a few people occupying the car park that were all living the #vanlife. It was super early, and so I thought that I could put my head down for a quick nap as well, but that wasn't what I had come for... Instead, I made sure to appreciate my surroundings as the sky was slowly getting brighter and the sound of seagulls started to become more noticeable.


After jumping over the fence and finding my spot, I was ready to start shooting. Immediately, it was obvious that the photos were going to be awesome! The location looked incredible! It doesn't get much better than a huge natural archway that instantly inspires a sense of awe and adventure! Plus, the the sea was turquoise and the sky became colourful to! There was enough cloud in the sky to make the shots work after all!


By 5:30am, I knew I had the shots I wanted of the landscape. So, that's when I started to take some of the most epic selfies ever! I got my camera to continuously take pictures without the need to hold any buttons, which enabled me to stand out on the archway and pose. And it was actually a bit of an adrenaline rush, as the archway was probably pretty unstable! It might sound a bit stupid, and I wouldn't recommend it, but it was definitely worth doing when I saw that the images were just as ridiculous as the idea was! 


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