Quiet Coombe Station, Cornwall, UK

March 4, 2017


I’m not much of a trainspotter, but I’ll be honest, I was actually pretty excited to check out “Coombe Junction Halt”. My dad had the idea because only 26 people stopped there in 2014 - making it Cornwall’s quietest station and the UK’s second quietest!


Our day started with a fairly quick car journey to Liskeard, where we were to catch a train to Coombe. I thought that it would be an unusual way to arrive at a location, as its not often that I get a train anywhere. Plus, it probably wasn’t something the conductor saw every day, and it definitely raised a few train regulars’ eyebrows!


After the ten-minute train ride and just one stop along the line later, we arrived in Coombe at about 10am. The train ride was very scenic, with the early morning light looking lush on the green hillsides that were scadded with sheep, and it only cost £1.35 (single or return - I don’t remember). The return train was stopping 40 minutes later on it’s way back from Looe, giving us a good amount of time to explore and take photos.


When we arrived, the area didn’t seem like much and we were actually a little bit stumped as it was such a sleepy village. My brother said “I was expecting a little more from today”. However, we soon discovered a footpath that lead us along the side of the tracks, so we followed it down, having to jump over the many muddy puddles that got in the way way.


Just a little bit further down was a beautiful, small bridge that was begging to be photographed. There was even a viaduct standing tall behind it, which was built in 1881 after an older one collapsed in 1855. The best photo opportunity would’ve been from the train tracks themselves, but we weren’t going to walk out on to them - that wouldn't have been safe.


Annoyingly, we missed another photo of a train going over the viaduct, as there weren’t any trains scheduled for that time. Perhaps, I could return in the future without being restricted by such a short timeframe, and with a bit more planning. That said, I was really happy with a photo that I found, featuring the very impressive viaduct, leafless trees and a reflection of it all in a meter wide river.


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