Blackwater Viaduct, Cornwall, UK

March 11, 2017


Yet again, I find myself starting a blog post with a mention about the bad weather. The shocking recent spell of heavy rain, overcast skies and low temperatures has been largely uninspiring, but today we were going on an adventure whether we liked it or not, whether it poured down or later cleared up, whether we quickly found where we wanted to go or spent hours looking…


And, now you get the picture!


But, that’s exactly what happened – we drove around for (what felt like) hours, just to try and find the Blackwater Viaduct, near Threemilestone, next to Truro. Only after a lot of driving in all sorts of directions, did we eventually identify where it was. The giveaway was the shadow shown on Google Maps by the side of the railway, which showed us the valley that the railway crosses over.


With seven incredible archways that each span 45 feet, the viaduct is an impressive piece of industrial engineering. It measures 120m in total and is also about 20m in height!


But as imposing as that sounds, it was just exciting to be exploring and, more so, to be searching the area for possible photographs. Pathways of flattened thorn bushes lead me underneath the viaduct, where I found my way to a patch of lush, green moss and a single sprouting of daffodils. And so, I could capture a fantastic photo that, I think, with a show of new life and a hint at the still cold and crisp weather, perfectly captures spring! I have to thank an amazing, light mist for that as well!


Old Chacewater Station


Unfortunately, we couldn’t spend too long at the viaduct because we blocked the road when we stopped to explore. As soon as we were done taking pictures, we went on our way to grab some food in Truro. Along the way, we stopped by a place that was actually on our list of interesting places. Just a few minutes away from the viaduct was the old Chacewater Station - a now repurposed railway station that sits on the edge of the still in use tracks.


Wheal Busy


We then stopped by and scouted out yet another cool location. Even closer to Truro was Wheal Busy – an old mining site and a massive quarry, which now seems to just be used by dirt bikers. To my brother, the dilapidated buildings and old ruins were a playground, but what interested me were the many smoke stacks that sat in a row, begging to be photographed at sunset. It was definitely a spot to return to!


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