Boscastle, Cornwall, UK

April 4, 2017


My aim for this evening was to rephotograph and improve upon a previous image of mine. I thought that I knew the spot and would easily get the shot, but it was never going to go that smoothly!


Unfortunately, I had to come straight from work, so I was a bit pressed for time. Holding me up along the way was a slow lorry in St Issey and a very slow tractor through Camelford. However, thanks to a bit of running and the desperate need for a wee, I made it up to the viewpoint just in time to capture the remaining red in the sky.


The steep cliffs, granite rocks and harbour walls make Boscastle a very photogenic place. But, because I was in a rush, I set up for a shot without putting much thought into it. In the end, the spot that I had overlooked in the first place was in fact the one I should’ve gone for, but I settled for something not so great. Fortunately, I realised this and quickly switched places to feature the different foreground, with leading lines and bright, yellow gorse.


By this time, the colours were quickly fading, and the interesting light was vanishing. But, thanks to a bit of Photoshop magic, I was able to combine the best bits of multiple images, so there wasn’t a problem. Well, it wasn’t ideal, but it worked.



The same wasn’t the case for the photo I took of myself sitting out on a ledge, overlooking the unbelievable view. It’s an epic photo, but the light just isn’t much compared to the other, and a bit of Photoshop wasn’t going to cut it in this case. Perhaps I can put the whole shoot down to a scouting mission and have something to return to... And hopefully I can do more of these epic selfies at other locations to!


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