Truro, Cornwall, UK

March 2, 2017


Here in Cornwall, the weather has been pretty rubbish as of late. So, when the sun finally came out today, I obviously got quite excited and decided to go to Truro for the the evening.


Truro is considered to be the capital of Cornwall. It's a great place for a bit of shopping and even sightseeing, and it's also where I studied photography at college! It's main landmark is the cathedral that sits in the city center. With a 76m high spire, it can be seen from all around the surrounding area, and made for an amazing, main subject in my images.


As the sun started to set, the sky completely clouded over, but I wasn't too concerned as I just wanted a fairly basic, blue hour shot. I knew that once the city lights started to turn on, an image would still present itself. I didn't want a composition that was too cluttered, so I decided to include the Truro River that runs into the city from the east. It was far to windy for there to be any reflections showing, but I got what a I wanted by smoothening the surface of the water with a long exposure.


The first spot that I chose wasn't going work because of the big, Tesco shopping centre that sat in front of the cathedral. So, I then headed further down the river and ended up at a park with tennis courts, plenty of benches and an abundance of space for cars. It was an all round nice area, and there was even an abandoned, broken boat on the water's edge that caught my eye. 


At the park, I had a fantastic view of the city, but I was forced into using my longest lens to punch in on the scene. Already at risk of getting blurred shots due to the wind, I was now using a lens that isn't at all sharp and produces low quality images. However, the shot that I came away with has detail, drama and contrast. Maybe I'll return and rephotograph in the future but, for now, I'm perfectly happy with the result!


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