Newquay Harbour, Cornwall, UK

March 21, 2017


As I tick off more and more places off my "to visit" list and continue to scout new places out, I can’t help but feel complacent in my collecting of photos. That’s my most recent challenge, and it’s something that I know I need to step away from. But, this morning, conditions were looking good for a particular point of interest on that list – the weather, the tide times and the time that the sun was rising.


But, this wasn’t going to be a simple scouting mission, and it wasn’t going to be an in-and-out visit either. In fact, I was quite foolish to think that, which I soon realised when I found myself climbing over railings to get in and amongst a collection of smelly lobster pots.


Once I had my spot, I just needed some nice light. The harbour was surprisingly photogenic, but there just wasn’t any interest in the sky. In the direction that I was pointing, the sky was bland and boring. On the other hand, the sky was very cloudy to the north, which blocked the sun from breaking through. And so, the landscape was never lit with soft, side lighting.


Annoyingly, the clouds to the north did start to glow orange and red, and I couldn't capture any of it in a compelling way. But, in my frustration, I started to pace and spin in circles, flailing my limbs and looking up to the sky. That's when I saw more clouds coming my way, and they were colourful to! They entered my frame just when I needed them most, and all of the excitement was just what my photography needed as well!


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