Godrevy, Cornwall, UK

March 13, 2017


Godrevy has only recently entered my radar, but when it’s existence came to my attention, I knew Harmony and I had to go and explore!


After about 40 minutes of driving on the A30’s dual carriageway, we hit the country lanes, with rolling fields everywhere we looked. When we came to the top of one of the hills, the stellar scenery and a view of the wild and windswept beach revealed itself. I was surprised by the size of Gwithian and Godrevy (which are something linked depending on the tide), as well as the considerably clean surf in such stormy conditions... Or perhaps moody would be a better term than stormy, thanks to the sea mist that was slowly rolling in.


I couldn’t wait to explore, but first things first – we had to get lunch! There was a choice of two cafes – Godrevy Beach Café and the Rockpool Café. The latter was honestly a bit of an eyesore from the outside, but it was the first that we came across. Luckily, it was much nicer on the inside and we didn’t have to pay to park (maybe because of the time of year?). Plus, the coffee was incredible and the food was delicious. Harmony and I chose vegetable soup, which was one of the few vegetarian items on the menu.


Next, we made our way round to the National Trust car park which was, admittedly, only a little bit closer to the beach. We paid the £2 (enabling us to stay for however long we wanted) and started walking along the walkway. Wooden planks lead us through the grassy bushes and foliage that you might expect to find at beaches and in the sand dunes.


A short way further and we found another car park and some steps that lead down to Godrevy Beach. It was an amazing place, but the lighthouse wasn’t actually visible at first, so we traipsed and traversed over the rough rocks until we could get a good view. Although the tide was great for exploring, it would've be quite easy to be cut off, and it wasn't perfect for photography anyway. So, being mindful of this, we retreated to the soft sand and skimmed small stones on the sea.



Update 20/05/2017:

I recently returned to photograph at Godrevy and, although I am happy that I captured the above image, it's not exactly the photo that I came to get... My visit was actually more of a second scouting mission for me than anything, as I left with more specific spots in mind. As well as this, I worked out what  tide I would need for these spots, and I learnt that I was going to have to arrive early because of how popular Godrevy seems to be for photographers! Stay tuned for more future visits!


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