Padstow, Cornwall, UK

January 18, 2016

Like most mornings, I was on my way to work in Padstow. It was a calm but cold morning and soft colours could be seen through a break in the clouds. Typically, this is the recipe for an awe-inspiring sunrise. Whilst rushing to the location, I fumbled around getting my camera on my tripod and a filter on my lens. Just as I got set up, the sun shone through the break in the clouds; turning some of the clouds red and orange which looked great against the clouds that remained blue. Because I was using relatively short exposures to stop the sky from blurring, I wasn't spending a lot of time on each shot and could quickly move from spot to spot and from composition to composition. 


When the sky got too bright and my hands too cold to continue, but with a few shots in the bag, I called it a day and looked forward to seeing them come lunch time.




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