Fraddon, Cornwall, UK

January 14, 2016

As I was on my way home from Truro, I was disappointed to have missed most of such a beautiful sunset. However, as I was coming up to Fraddon on the A30, I was determined to make the most of what was left of the evening. My aim was to recreate/reshoot a composition I had tried about a year and a half ago. The last shoot failed because it wasn't late enough in the evening so I was happy that the sun had gone down and we were well into dusk. With the days still relatively short, there was the perfect amount of light whilst there was a fair amount of traffic (thanks to it being rush hour).


By having my tripod on only two legs, resting against the bridge's railing, I could achieve a composition without the bridge in the corner of the frame whilst maintaining stability. Once I was set up, I quite simply left the camera to take three minutes worth of ten second exposures. This gave me lots of photos with a variety of light trails that I could blend together in Photoshop. However, an exposure this long still didn't capture the cars' red lights that well. A few shorter exposures of four seconds worked much better. I also used a polarising filter to make colours pop and a graduated ND filter to balance the sky.



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