Luxulyan Valley, Cornwall, UK

January 8, 2016

Luxulyan valley is a location very similar to Kennall Vale (yesterdays blog post here). It's complete with the remains of stone buildings and workhouses, nearby rivers and even an old aqueduct. However, I find it much harder to find my way around the many routes and pathways and find it very easy to get lost. Finding the parking and start of the walk in it self isn't the easiest task. Fortunately, the phone reception is surprisingly good in some places (on O2 at least) so you can access GPS/maps.


I went to the location late in the day so the sun would be low and the light would be even. Flat/even lighting is important in situations like these because you don't want distracting patches of highlight in the photos. However, going late in the day meant that it wasn't going to take long for it to get dark. Therefore, going on a day that is simply cloudy might have been a better option.


A worry for me was how little battery I had after yesterday's shoot. However, I only intended to take this specific shot and only had to take a few exposures. This also meant I could head straight to the exact location without loosing my way down alternate pathways that come later in the walk.


At Luxulyan Valley, the pathways don't hold up amazingly well so prepare yourself for wet and muddy feet when the sun hasn't been shining. I was hoping that the recent stormy weather would make for lots of water in the shot, which was the case to an extent. Its a fairly long walk to the specific location and, for the point of view I wanted, it involved jumping over a few wobbly stepping stones and standing in the water. The waterfall was pretty incredible to stand beneath especially with the addition of the old waterwheel machinery! I also loved how the water fell onto the rocks below.



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