Kennall Vale, Cornwall, UK

January 7, 2016


Having been to this location twice before, I can say that it's one of my favourite locations in Cornwall. The overgrown plant life, the river running through the valley and the remains of the old stone buildings and workhouses; everything about it is perfect. The conditions on the other hand, were not so great but the on and off rain couldn't stop me from making the trip and getting the camera out! I needed the cloud cover anyway to even out the sunlight and the trees would've probably blocked me from the occasional hailstorm to.


Because of the recent stormy weather, the pathways have turned very wet and muddy. Unfortunately for me, I was wearing boots with holes in the bottom. Wellies are a must on walks like these! On the plus side, the recent stormy weather meant the river was flowing with serious force, making for an exciting shoot and brilliant results.


To me, some of the photos have something very special about them. I think it is because I was using a high quality polarising filter to cut out reflections, but this also made colours pop even in the dead of winter. In the editing process, I did a lot of dodging, burning and other local adjustments to make the scene more dynamic and dramatic. Overall, the results have a mystical and surreal look (to me anyway).


Interested in visiting? Head for Cot Hill in Ponsanooth (TR3 7HG) and you will find adequate parking along the street named Kennall Vale. Then, walk up Cot Hill until you see the entrance on the right with signs.






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