Polzeath, Cornwall, UK

August 26, 2016


I didn’t realise the sun set so early now and, this evening, it was set to be a banger! If I wanted to photograph it, my only option in terms of location was Polzeath – a popular beach on the north coast of Cornwall, just around the corner from Wadebridge.


Polzeath doesn’t usually offer much photographically. Go to surf however, and you should be happy with what you find. The tide was out when I arrived, so that opened up many more possibilities. I kept to the left side of the beach as the rocks over there took my interest. All I found at first was some large patches of smelly seaweed but, as I explored more, I came to secret, sandy shores and tall towering rock formations… Too tall to even consider photographing!


I still wasn’t having much luck with finding a composition and the clouds were already getting colourful. The tide was clearly coming in quick as well, so I had to get something fast. I decided to set my gear and just start shooting. I was on an area of muscle-covered rock that had been sculpted by the seawater – if I was going to get something, it would be here.


Amazingly, I turned on live view and was immediately shown a beautiful scene. Of course, the sunset was incredible and being at a beach is a bonus, but I just wasn’t seeing what my camera was seeing. The reflections on the water and the colour of the rocks – I loved it!


With just a few tweaks to my framing, a couple of photos and a change in settings, I had something I was extremely happy with. I moved spots to try something different and the colour in the sky and the glow on the ground had gone. Perfect timing as I was about to be cut off by the tide! Good job I was aware of it and didn’t push my luck!



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