Chapel Porth, Cornwall, UK

August 27, 2016


Tonight I decided to return to Chapel Porth for the second time with a completely different shot in mind.


I set out on my journey – first along the dual carriageway, which then turned into single lane traffic, which then turned to very narrow lanes. Beyond the car park, it was pebbly and stony and, beyond that, it was mostly untouched sand that stretched for miles. I thought it was funny that the beach was so empty seeing as the car park was surprisingly full. Perhaps the people were just hidden away amongst the many caves or in the water. I did see a few brave souls in nothing but shorts and bikinis even though the water felt cold to me as it swished around my ankles.


I picked a spot in the shallows of the water with a patch of textured sand in front of me that I could use for interest. What also grabbed my attentions was the reflections on the wet sand and the resulting symmetry. The sunset was slightly disappointing, but I was happy with the small patch of orange cloud to my left and the blue skies actually added to the image. My main interest (the old engine house) stood proudly at the top of the cliff and that’s all that mattered.



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