Boscastle, Cornwall, UK

August 19, 2016


Today marked 177 years of photography. It would've been rude not to take a photo on World Photography Day. I wouldn't say that the photo I got was AMAZING, but I'm pretty happy with it. I also got the chance to reflect upon what photography is, what it's done and what it means to me.


I'll admit, photography probably hasn't done any good for people's vanity, but it can freeze moments, take you back in time and it gives me purpose.


I was happy to return to the picturesque coastal town of Boscastle - home to beautiful views, old fashioned buildings and an incredible natural harbour. Creating a black and white photo seemed appropriate for the cause and Boscastle lended itself perfectly to black and white.


I had already missed the sunset, so I was in no rush as I set up at the end of the harbour. That is, until I noticed people heading right for me. I could only take a few shots before they congregated in front of my camera, but that's all I needed. I didn't have my filters, so I couldn't experiment with really long exposures. I just did what I could with the light that I had, and I was happy with what I got.



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