Trevose Head, Cornwall, UK

July 31, 2016


As I made my way to Trevose Head this evening, I knew that I already missed most of the good light and sunset. Regardless, I was still determined to get something.


I arrived at the carpark to only three or four other cars (a lot less than expected). Most of the people sat inside their cars to keep warm. I braved the wind and headed where I assumed I needed to be. Luckily, I found the best vantage point with ease, but I did struggle to comfortably control the camera without the Cornish slate wall jabbing me in the thigh. By filling the foreground with the lighthouse and complex, I was trying to get something a little different. I also chose to use a really long exposure to make something interesting from the now-colourless clouds. 


After taking just one photo, I knew I had exactly what I wanted - a smooth sea, stretchy clouds and an interesting composition. For good measure, I continued to take a few more shots. I just needed to be sure that I had a perfectly sharp foreground and some variation in the sky - allowing me to pick my favourite later. i then changed to a stronger ND filter, held down the shutter button and started to count for a two minute exposure. Then, I was happy.



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