Perranporth, Cornwall, UK

July 11, 2016


I was happy to return to Perranporth tonight as the tide was perfect and the clouds blew over after a very rainy day. I only had one hour to get there though, so I felt the pressure throughout the journey. 


The sun was getting very low, really quickly and the light was turning beautifully golden. I arrived and headed straight to the cliffs on the left side of the beach, searching for the vantage point I found on a previous visit.


When I arrived, I was shocked to see that new fencing was put up, and I wouldn't be able to access the area I wanted to go to. However, this forced me to explore more of the incredible cliff path to find new compositions. Just a short walk around to the left, I found another awe-inspiring location with a rock archway in the distance - which I was happy about because the first location did to. I was blown away by the many amazing rock formations on this stretch of coastline.


I set up on a precarious piece of cliff with rocks that easily crumbled away, but I was just happy that my tripod wasn't shaking in the wind. After taking a few shots, the sun vanish behind a cloud. What I had was good, but I decided to stay incase the clouds turned red as they do when the underside is lit by the setting sun. They did, but not to the extent that I was expecting. No worries though, as it was still amazing, and I could make some special of the photos and stunning scene. 



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