Abandoned Wild West Park, Cornwall

June 22, 2015


Since a family friend was interested in learning a bit more about photography, my dad arranged for us a little outing. Our original plan was to check out an abandoned manor house near St Columb, but renovation has started and we couldn't even talk our way in.


Instead, we headed to an old wild west theme park that was once named "Spirit of The West". It has been left to rot and weather since it's doors closed to the public in 2009, whilst a luxury holiday resort has been built around it and, more recently, a wakeboard and waterpark.


It's located near St Columb Major in Cornwall, just off the Winnards Perch roundabout on the A39. Most of the buildings that still stand were boarded up, but people quickly found their way back in by removing planks and pulling down sheets of wood. Some of the themed buildings include a jail, hotel and saloon.



Paintings, framed portraits and wanted posters can be found in some of the buildings. However, rogue nails, broken glass and serious splinters are cause for concern. Signs stabled around the park warn of patrolling security, but I'm not sure how true that is.


Unfortunately, the park won't be accessible for much longer due to the already overgrown bushes. Vandals have destroyed and graffitied most of the park, and I can't imagine it will stand for much longer anyway. I give it another harsh winter or two if it isn't demolished first. I'm also not sure if I can condone trespassing, but that would be hypocritical of me. So, just look and don't touch if you do go yourself.




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