Trevone Bay, Cornwall, UK

June 27, 2016


It was just a normal evening for me, chilling out on the sofa after a day at work, when a bit of colour caught my eye out of my living room window. I didn't think much of it and continued on with some research into where I want to photograph next.


Not long after, I checked back on the sky and noticed how vivid the colours were getting and how pink the clouds were turning. So, I rushed down the road to Trevone Bay, assessed the sandy beach but decided to try my luck on the rocky beach - hoping for more options and potential foreground.


After pacing up and down shoreline, I picked a spot with some interesting rocks. The way the water interacted with the rocks is what attracted me to them. By this time, the sky was nothing short of stunning. The clouds seemed so high, making it look just like a painting. I took a few shots as a safety net - just incase the colour disappeared.


In the end, I got quite a bit of shooting done as the colour wasn't going anywhere. I had plenty of time to play with different filters and shutter speeds before things started to get a bit crazy.


As the tide got higher, the crashing waves became more of a threat. Water was soaking my tripod and hitting the back of my camera. I just had to watch out for splashes on my filters and marks on my lens... Nothing yet.


The white water and rough ocean actually made for even better results and much more dramatic photos. So, ignoring how wet my feet were, I continued to shoot until the colour eventually faded. It was then time to return home and rid my gear of salt water.



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