Hartland Quay, Devon, UK

June 18, 2016

When I saw that the tide would be perfect tonight for a shoot at Hartland Quay, I immediately planned my return. I had to make the most of it before the rain came in tomorrow, even if the sky was a little dull.


As I got closer to Hartland Quay, I became more and more anxious about the weather. I was biting my nails and couldn't take my eyes off the dark clouds I was driving directly into. However, when I got shooting, I wasn't particularly bothered as the cloud created mood and at least there was interesting texture.


The first shot I wanted was easy enough to get without even really leaving the car park. Thanks to my previous visit to Hartland Quay, I could set up with ease, exactly where I needed to be. What I wanted was a wide shot showing the incredible landscape, cliffs and rock formations. 



As always, I was using a long exposure to create interest and motion blur in the water. With my Lee filters, I could balance the exposure of the sky and increase the length of my shutter speed. All that was left to do was remove some minor distractions with a bit of photoshop magic.


When I got onto the beach and found some interesting rocks, I set my tripod high to get the best perspective. The lines in the rocks made a great compositional element and I love the jagged rocks in the background. That being said, I think I still could've got something better and will probably be returning once again.




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