Kynance Cove, Cornwall, UK

June 14, 2016


The rain today was a lot more intermittent and the conditions were a lot better than yesterday with texture in the sky and breaks in the clouds. I could've gone back to Hartland Quay but the tide would've been too low. Instead, I chose to go to Kynance Cove on the south coast of Cornwall, where the tide height wasn't at all a concern. 


When I saw patches of blue sky, I left without hesitation. I didn't even check what weather was forecasted for the rest of the evening. When I began my journey, I left the nice weather behind and started to realised I was heading into a much moodier area but, just as I hoped, the moody clouds lead to a colourful and magical sunset. 


My journey took me along the A30 and then through Redruth, but I think I going through Falmouth would've been a much quicker route. I was running a little late and I still had to park and find a composition. Thankfully, at that time of night, I didn't have to pay for a parking ticket as I might've missed the sunset if I did.


Hoping to quickly find a good foreground, I headed to the right of the car park, to a small headland that I've had in mind since my last visit to Kynance Cove. The headland gave me the perfect viewpoint to show off the awe-inspiring landscape. I found some interesting rocks there to but they didn't add anything to the shot after all. In the end, I cropped the shot into a panorama and cut the rocks out.


As well as an incredible coastline, The Lizard Peninsula is home to some great wildlife. You even get to see some just by driving through the area. Seagulls aren't the most exotic animal, but I was amazed by how many of them there were out on the tidal islands and stacks - some circling high above and more perched on the edge.


The wind was strong on top of the cliffs, but it didn't bother me in my two coats. It didn't even wobble my tripod thanks to the spiked feet - meaning I got perfectly sharp results. After I got a few shots I was happy with, I sat on the headland watching the light and colours slowly fade and just enjoyed the evening!



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