Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall, UK

May 28, 2016


What got me out of the house this evening was an incredible amount of sea mist! The mist made Bedruthan Steps extremely atmospheric but, somehow, the water still looked tropical. It was completely flat and a quick dip actually seemed quite appealing – not something I often say about a Cornish beach.


It was the large pillars of rock, jutting out from the sandy beach and sea water that drew me to Bedruthan Steps. The views from the cliff top are amongst some of the best views that north Cornwall has to offer. This stretch of coastline begs to be photographed, and it has by many, many photographers, so it can be hard to get an original photograph. That’s where the mist helped me out.


Unless you know what you’re looking for, Bedruthan might go unnoticed. In between Porthcothan Bay and Mawgan Porth is a small track that leads you to a National Trust car park.


After parking my car and walking down one side of a small valley, I came to a slate covered area and the top of the 120 steps that take you to the beach. A spot on the edge of the cliff took my interest, so I got set up there. There wasn’t a great amount of flowers (I must have been too early in the year), but I could definitely make do!


With my tripod giving me a low vantage point, I took some photos and got a few options to choose from later. The shoot didn’t stop there, as the tide was on the way in and the mist wasn’t going anywhere. I decided to make my way down the 120 steps to the beach, but I only got so far before I was met with a serious feeling of vertigo. I also noticed my flashing low battery warning and still wanted to explore more of the cliff-top area so I did that instead.


One path that leads up the other side of the valley was closed due to “crumbling cliffs” so I chose a different route. Shortly after, I saw another warning for “sheer cliffs”. My stupidity may have got the better of me, but the warnings and wooden fencing wasn’t going to put me off from going where I needed to be.


By the time I found a spot I was happy with, I was completely encompassed by the mist - the wet kind! I couldn’t see far in front of me, behind me, to my left or to my right. It came rolling in from the horizon and over the cliff until it surrounded the small headland I was sitting on. All I could do was wait and distract myself from the nerves. I couldn’t even enjoy a view, and it seemed like there would've been beautiful views on your average day.


When it started getting late and the conditions weren’t getting better, I called it a day. At least I could return later in the year when the flowers are in full swing. This time, with more knowledge about the location to.



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