Perranporth, Cornwall, UK

March 8, 2016


It isn’t often that I like to photograph in mid-day sun, but today was an exception. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore this location and at least scout out a few possible shots. The sky was overcast so the light wasn’t harsh and unappealing, but the tide was too low and was only going to get lower as the day went on.


Every time I go to Perranporth, the size of town is and how nice the area is really impresses me. The road from Truro is enjoyable to drive and, in the town, there is plenty of cheap parking as well as decent public toilets. I also assume the beach is very dog friendly and I can imagine the dogs love the vastness of the beach at low tide.


The beach is something that I had to explore, but I didn’t last long thanks to a mix of substantial rain and light showers. For the photos that I did manage to take, I used a polariser to take reflections off the water and wet surfaces. I also used a graduated neutral density filter to balance the exposure of the sky. In the photo below, you can see the importance of this – especially because I wanted to emphasise the textures in the sand. The rain could’ve introduced a number of problems because of the rush I was in and because I wasn’t concentrating because of it. I was also wrong to be treating the shoot as just a scouting mission as I actually got some photos I’m really happy with. Thankfully, there were no mistakes made.



The adventure wasn’t over yet… Once the rain blew over, I had much more exploring to do on the top of the cliffs to the left of the beach. From here, you can really see how huge the beach is and one area of cliff that immediately grabbed my attention. The seawater must’ve eroded the cliff-face to leave two archways and what looks like a tunnel the public used to be able to explore. Sadly, it has now been bordered up and access has been cut off – but probably for good reason!



The cliff I was exploring is covered with nice, green grass. It’s also home to many perfectly positioned benches and even a giant sundial. I had to take a few photos, but it was definitely something I would have to return to for a sunrise.



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