Trevose Head, Cornwall, UK

March 7, 2016


Today was finally the day to return to Trevose Head! After waiting two weeks for the perfect conditions, I was keen to capture the specific shot I had in mind. The clouds took a slight turn for the worst, and the occasional rain shower made things a little risky but, with a dramatic sky and a stormy sea, I got some fantastic results. It’s not always easy to get good photos with a long exposure, but with a shutter speed as long as three minutes, I was bound to get something surreal and truly special.


After walking to the lighthouse, I found a nice, grassy spot beneath it where I could sit and start photographing. I later moved further down the cliff to find a composition that was much more balanced.


When editing the images I realised that, with a smaller aperture, sensor spots are much smaller and easier to remove in photoshop, even if they’re more pronounced. This is something you have to balance with numerous things like depth of field and diffraction making your images softer so just keep your sensor clean.



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