Padstow, Cornwall, UK

February 24, 2016

It was another early start for me this morning as I made my way into Padstow. After just a short walk down the Camel Trail, I arrived at the Iron Bridge and clambered down beside it. Finding somewhere comfortable to sit wasn't an easy feat as the surfaces were slippery, steep and made of jagged rock. Once I was done taking photos, getting back onto the trail wasn't any easier and it was potentially dangerous with all of the camera gear I was carrying. A definite "do not try this at home" situation! 


Thankfully, the amazing conditions made up for the challenges that I faced and the final photos make it completely worth the trouble. The tide was high and the water was still. The clouds in the sky looked puffy and soft and the sunrise was pretty colourful. I had picked a truly interesting subject and the sky made for a perfect backdrop. The shot i was hoping to get was something similar to an old photo of mine, and one of my mum's favourites. We both loved the geometry in the bridge and the leading lines it creates. 



Because of the beautiful sunrise to my left, I also decided to create a panorama so I could include a nice bit of colour and more of the stunning estuary. Using a leveled tripod made it fairly easy, but choosing to use long exposures made it a long wait.



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