Trevose Head, Cornwall, UK

February 23, 2016

I'd like to say that this evening's the trip to Trevose was worth it...  and it was, but that wasn't until the sky suddenly turned colourful, I got something actually unique and I had some time to explore different angles for the future (including some possible star photos).


Trevose Head is a headland home to a lighthouse and sits between Boobies Bay and Mother Ivey's Bay on the north coast of Cornwall. The road leading to it has lots of extreme bumps and potholes, but it offers beautiful views of the surrounding area (particularly Constantine Bay) and the perfect place to watch the sun go whilst keeping warm and out of the wind from inside your car.


If you're looking for more of an adventure, it takes just a short but steep walk to get to the edge of the headland. Many more walks can be had all around the coastline to. Below, you can see the view of the lighthouse from the bottom of the first steep hill. The sea was not at it's roughest, but the waves were still crashing!



Once I was all packed up and thought I was done, I was surprised to have found the composition below. I couldn't walk away without taking one lust photo... I thought the composition was fairly original for Trevose and loved the colourful clouds. In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't just walk away because I got a photo that shows the very best of Cornwall - the rugged but beautiful coastline that's home to so much adventure.



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