Harlyn Bay, Cornwall, UK

February 23, 2016

Everything was set for this morning’s sunrise – good weather, nice clouds and perfect tide times. I woke up nice and early, put on some old shoes and made my way to Harlyn Bay. In the height of summer, hundreds of holidaymakers come to Harlyn to learn and practise surfing, but the beach is also home to some sandstone formations and that’s what interested me.


The first challenge that I ran into was how to cross the stream without getting my feet wet – spending the morning with cold and uncomfortable feet wasn’t something that appealed to me. Walking a few metres to the bridge just wasn’t an option because my brain hadn’t switched on yet! Despite my concern, I chose to make large strides through the stream using the occasional stepping-stone and only got one foot wet, so I took it as a win and continued along the shoreline until I found the sandstone formations.


My second challenge was that there just weren’t many compositions to be had here. I did what I could though and wasn’t going to let my efforts be in vain. Getting as low to the ground certainly helped a lot.



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