Welcombe Mouth, Devon, UK

February 15, 2016


After a long week of work and a day of rest, it was time I got back out with my camera. The location I picked was Welcombe Mouth in Devon - a location that I've been to twice before but failed to come home with something I was truely happy with. The weather was mostly clear and the weather forecast promised no rain. This felt like a real treat, as it's something we haven't had in a while. There was one problem though... I was running late and most still needed to get some petrol!


I raced along the A38 and crossed into Devon. I was already witnessing some of the best god rays/sun rays I had ever seen and I unfortunately missed most of them by the time I arrived at the location. Thankfully, the sky was turning colourful and the clouds were turning red. I didn't have long so I quickly got set up and began to capture the first image I had in mind. Interestingly, Welcombe Mouth has its own waterfall and heavy rain fall meant that it was flowing heavily as you can see in the photo above. Just by using a polariser (to cut out reflections) and a graduated neutral density filter (to balance the exposure of the sky), I was already taking exposures 20-30 seconds long so there really wasn't a lot of light. This wasn't a problem though because I wanted to smoothen out the water.


After I had that shot in the bag, I needed to make my way down onto the beach. Because I knew I didn't have long until the colour disappeared, I quickly snapped a wide shot of the beach from where I was standing - at the top of the steps.



The following shot is something that I have previously attempted, but I'm now confident that I have done the best I can. I chose a position on top of the rocks and set up my camera in a way that took full advantage of the natural lines. I also used a long exposure to create motion blur in the water and to create more lines. A polarising filter was essential so that reflections were reduced on the water. However, there were also reflections on the wet rocks so there was a balance that needed to be found between the two.



I chose not to use a polarising filter for this photo because the reflections in the water were very important. Although, you can see that the glare on the rocks would have probably been best if polarised. Again, I tried to take advantage of the natural lines so that the viewer was compelled and lead into the photo. 


After that photo was taken, I made my way to the beach's sandy area but had to be mindful of another photographer and couldn't get in his frame (first come first serve and all that). This restricted me but most of the good colour and nice light had gone anyway so I decided it was time to leave.



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