Trevone Bay, Cornwall, UK

August 23, 2015

I didn't exactly know what to photograph tonight, but I knew it was going to be special! I walked to the left of Trevone and followed the coastal path until I arrived at the "natural pool". My initial idea was to capture some waves cascading over the pool's sea wall but the tide was not going to be high enough for that. I was counting on the tide to rise at least a little higher so less of the rocks were visible beyond the natural pool (reducing harsh textures in the final photo) and it did. The temperature dropped as the sun went down but the clouds were not going to turn orange, pink and other beautiful colours until after the sun had set. 


What I liked about the original framing is the reflections on the left and the leading line created by the pool's sea wall. It wasn't until I reviewed the photos at home that I felt the sea wall made the photo unbalanced. I also thought that the rocky foreground detracted from the truly amazing sunset. A sandy beach would've been great, but this is definitely a location I have to return to!


I couldn't let this amazing sunset go to waste, so I opted for a panoramic crop to remove the unappealing elements. Opposed to a panorama made up off multiple photos, this method holds no benefits. In fact, I will be loosing a lot of information and detail... But it had to be done. I was scared the photo would look like just another snapshot, but I'm happy to see the motion blur in the water.




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