Roche Rock, Cornwall, UK

June 19, 2015

Roche Rock is an incredible place near St Austell, Cornwall. It is "a striking rocky pinnacle of tourmalinised granite, and a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest." It used to be a chapel and was probably even taller when it was. Ladders and steps allow you to climb to the top room and look out towards beautiful countryside. Roche Rock is definitely worth a visit and I'd recommended it to anyone.


I've been one time before but didn't get a photo I was completely happy with. I couldn't get a shutter speed long enough to create the soft, streaky clouds and didn't see this much better composition until I was leaving. It's not often that I use anything other than a wide-angle lens but I think the tighter composition works really well. The Idea was to make the clouds streak so the photo has something unusual and surreal about it. Boosting the contrast and adding a gradient to the sky created an appropriate mood.


I could've (and probably should've) used an even longer exposure, but I thought I was better off with the settings I had and layering the photos up later in Photoshop. It turns out, layering up the photos was harder than I thought but I did manage to composite two so the overall image was well balanced.


Overall, the shoot went really well and it was great to return to such an amazing place. Plus, the weather was beautiful and hot. I was scared of the sun being behind the rock and in the photo but, luckily, it was still pretty high in the sky.




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