St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, UK

June 18, 2015

This morning, I travelled south to the village of Marazion, near Penzance. This village gives access to St Michael's mount - a small island "crowned by a medieval church and castle with the oldest buildings dating to the 12th century".


This was my third sunrise shoot (only my third because of how unpredictable the conditions are in the morning). The sea mist was a bit of a problem because it made my camera gear wet but I think it adds to the atmosphere of the photo. I explored the beach and but couldn't find a way around a small area of thick, sludgy sea weed that smelt of rotting sea creatures... I did not enjoy that walking through that.


Once I found some areas of interest, I started using my variable ND filter to reduce the already limited light so I could use a longer exposure. For some reason, this filter fogged the photo. I waited for the light to get better (and hoped for the wet weather to blow over) so I could use my 10 stop filter. I was capturing two minute exposures because I loved the smoothness of the sea. I also loved how the walk way acted as a leading line. Using my camera bag's rain cover worked well in protecting my gear. My only problem was the incoming tide so I had to find a balance of weather conditions and water level. Setting up my composition and focus (so I could quickly take a shot when the conditions improved) made things a lot easier.


Black and white was the obvious choice for the final photo because of the sea mist and the mood that it gave. The photo is also made up of two separate exposures so there is sharp focus throughout the frame. For now, I am happy with the result but I think I'll return when the tide will be even lower.




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