Kennall Vale, Cornwall, UK

June 11, 2015

It isn't often that I get excited for overcast weather, but the conditions were almost perfect for today's shoot. After my previous trip to Kennall Vale, I was keen to return. The first trip didn't go so well because of the bright sunshine causing uneven light. Plus, I forgot to pack my tripod! However, it did give me the chance to explore this fantastic location and scout out exact spots up the river. The video below was actually taken on my first trip, but the photos are from today's.


Kennall Vale is a beautiful area of woodland near Falmouth. Along the trail is a group of amazing old buildings that I was completely in awe of. The trail isn't too long and I downloaded a great map that I didn't actually need. However, it did give advice on parking (park in the village) and gave some historical information. You can find it here:


Although the overcast weather gave fairly even light, I had to do a lot of dodging and burning to highlight areas of importance in the photos. I think the photos really benefitted from this along with lots of contrast. The only downside to the shoot was that I still don't have any filters for my wide angle lens. I really could've done with a polarising filter, but I made do without it. I was happy to find that I could get long enough exposures without any filters. Carrying around an umbrella was a bit of a pain but it really did come in handy when it started to rain quite heavily!









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