Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall, UK

May 16, 2015


Tonight, at Treyarnon Bay, I was able to capture a photo that I've wanted to get for a very long time -perhaps, for as long as I've been interested in photography. As a child visiting Treyarnon Bay, I would play for hours in the relatively massive rock pool. This natural swimming pool is what makes Treyarnon such a special place. 


I didn't plan the shoot as well as I normally do so I was unsure whether the tide would be at the right height. When it came to it, I couldn't miss the beautiful sunset and took the chance. Thankfully, I got lucky and was able to create an amazing photograph. I used a long exposure to smooth out the water but I was surprised to see the wind in the rock pool. I don't think I have ever seen this done before!


For this photo, I probably spent the longest I have ever spent editing. I wanted to get the colours and just right and wanted to get the most out of the photo. When I was taking the photo, I knew that I was going to crop it down to the panorama style. This is because there wasn't much texture in the sky and there was too much texture in the foreground. 



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