Welcombe Mouth, Devon, UK

May 14, 2015

It feels like I've said how enjoyable it is to drive any where near bude a million times... In this case, I reached a point in the journey where I was driving on narrow country lanes. This is to be expected in Cornwall, but they weren't your average country lanes. These were the bumpiest roads with the most potholes I have ever seen, but enjoyable nonetheless. You can see a short clip in the "behind the scenes" video below. Unfortunately, my phone ran out of battery so I couldn't show the whole experience. I did, however, take a few quick snapshots that are shown as the video goes on.


I have been planning on shooting this location for a few weeks because I had seen a couple of pictures that showed the rock formations. The lines in the rocks are what attract me to this area and keep bringing me back. Once I got set up, there was the occasional huge wave that made me nervous. In the end, the big waves played in my favour seeing as they would cover some of the rocks and reduce the amount of texture in the foreground of my photos. I knew it was time to leave when the sky filled with storm clouds. I think I got the best photos that I could today, but they're not the best that I could get at this location. If I can dig up the courage to brave the bumpy, narrow roads again, I think I could get some even better shots at a lower tide and a more exciting sunset!



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