Trevethy Quoit, Cornwall, UK

November 13, 2015

After my trip to West Cornwall's quoits, I couldn't help but want to explore more!


Trevethy quoit is a neolithic burial chamber similar to the previous quoits I have seen but located in North Cornwall, near Liskeard. Another difference is how tall it stands. It would be very impressive if the nearby houses didn't detract from it. These locations are easy to research online. Google maps allows me to pinpoint the specific location and find a spot to park nearby. At Trevethy Quoit, there was parking almost right next to it. The wind was strong and the clouds weren't perfect but they were satisfactory for the first time in a while.


Instead of using a big stopper and little stopper like before, I used a big stopper and a polariser filter. This cut out enough light and made the sky punchy. This caused a little bit of vignette that was easy to crop out and I found that it worked best when the polariser wasn't at its full effect. Once I had set up my camera, I waited and waited for a cloud to block the sun and even out the light. I then waited for a sufficient set of clouds to make the sky interesting. It wasn't long until I had collected a good deal of photos, of which I could composite later in photoshop. It didn't take too much tweaking before I liked the final result.



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