South Caradon Mines, Cornwall, UK

November 13, 2015

Arriving to views of never-ending countryside after a journey of narrow, country roads was truly incredible. Sheep were free to explore and horses were enjoying the open space. There were rain clouds on the horizon, but I began my walk to the derelict mines anyway (directly into the stormy weather). It wasn't long until I was being pelted by chunks of hail! My only option was to seek shelter behind a bush at the side of the path. It quickly passed and I was left wet but not disheartened!


Eventually, I arrived at some unbelievable ruins but knew I had to continue with the walk and scout out the whole area. I then came to a deep valley surrounded by countless mining sites. Well, I could've easily counted them if I wasn't so stunned and overwhelmed by it all! 


Whilst waiting for sunset, I found myself having to come in and out of hiding from the rain. However, thanks to the rain, a rainbow appeared that i had to get a picture off. I ran around one of the old ruins and framed the rainbow in the background.



The rain didn't last long so I took my place behind that same mine and waited for some amazing light. The moody sky and rainfall in the distance made for a great background in this picture and the tree in the foreground is obviously very interesting. I had to blend a few images together for this shot so I had the best detail in the foreground and a better overall exposure.



When I knew I had that fantastic shot, I returned to the ruins I found first. Below, you can see the star attraction of the area, or at least what drew me to the area in the first place. With the clouds still very dramatic, I was able to create a photo I am very happy with.



Still with time to spare, but with very numb hands, I squeezed in a final shot. I think it's the beautiful light that makes the photo great. As you can see, there are lots to explore here, so much that I could happily return time and time again. I recommend you do to!



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