Wadebridge, Cornwall, UK

October 27, 2015

Tonight’s sunset took me by complete surprise. I was getting out of the shower and getting ready for what ever was left of the day – I had been recovering from my time away in Suffolk, not just being lazy (sort of). Out of a window, I could see the most amazing cloud formations in the sky. However, as far as I knew, my options were somewhat limited in Wadebridge. The clock was ticking so I decided to rush down to the bank of The River Camel that flows through the centre of town. I arrived, hopped over the flooded areas of a field and got set up just in time for the last of the spectacular show. The sunset had everyone around me in complete awe. For me, it couldn’t have been more rushed, but I did manage to take some time to appreciate it to.


The first photo I took was to make sure I came away with at least something. I took a second photo with a graduated filter to balance the sky. Then, I used an additional filter to blur the texture of the water and add a bit of interest. There was also a few ducks swimming and flying around beside me so I needed a long exposure to blur them out to.


In the end, I was disappointed to have missed most of cloud formations but, fortunately, some of the colour stuck around for a few minutes making for a beautiful photo. It didn't last long, but I had to get out of there anyway before the over-protective swans reached me anyway!



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