Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK

October 26, 2015

Having spent many of my weekends as a child at Felixstowe, this was more than an adventure to me - it was a trip down memory lane. 


On the night of my arrival, I wasn't just to go to sleep. I was sleeping in my car after all... I could go anywhere I wanted. The sky was clear and my tripod was in the back seat so I grabbed my camera and went to remind myself of what Felixstowe had to offer. The sea defence you can see in the photo below was perfect for my foreground, but the sea itself was powerful and splashing me. I started out on top of the rocks with a central composition (similar to what you can see further down this page), but I had to move from the rocks to the beach because my gear was getting wet. I much preferred the photo this way anyway.


Felixstowe is a popular seaside town, one with a lot of light pollution. I had to battle this along with the bright moon. With Felixstowe being home to the largest shipping container port in the UK, I was also challenged by the many boats taking their time to make it through my photo. As well as that, there were lots of aeroplanes - i think I counted as many as seven in my field of view alone. This was actually an amazing sight to see!



After a hideous night's sleep in the car, I struggled to find it in myself to get out and photograph in the morning. This was made worse by the thick layer of sea mist that came in over night. Luckily, the mist cleared just in time to reveal some nice, pastel colours in the sky. The tide wasn't perfect and the sea defence wasn't the easiest subject to work with, but things definitely worked out in the end!



As a kid, I would spend all of my time either in the sea or in the amusements, but I couldn't do that now a days. Instead, I decided to go for a bit of an adventure. I admit, some areas in Felixstowe look somewhat abandoned and run-down, but it is beautiful if you look past that. With all of the new housing development that will probably won't have to for much longer.


As it turns out, the weather in Felixstowe is really unpredictable and my adventure was cut short by more mist. I began my walk back along the water's edge and the misty conditions made it very atmospheric. One fisherman said to me "that's you buggered init?" and he couldn't have been more wrong. 




The wait for sunset began, but I still had lots of time to spare. A quick lens change shifted my focus to the people and how they didn't let the cloud cover get them down. 




Keeping my faith in the weather forecast, I stayed and waited for the sun to out again. Once the tide went lowered, I took my position under the pier (unfortunately now closed off the public, but still offers lots of fun in the amusements inside).


There's lots of things in this image that I like - the lines and geometry of the pier, the warm, "golden hour" light against the blue sky and the textures in the water. I would've liked fewer reflections on the water, but even my polariser struggled to cut through it. All of these elements were important to the image and once I knew I had something awesome, I was happy to call it a day.



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