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August 9, 2015

I don't know where to start with this blog post, and I didn't know where to start when it came to editing the video either. I am happy with the result, and am mostly pleased with how it highlights all of my favourite moments. I think I'll do the same kind of thing for this blog post!


Overall, I enjoyed the weekend and am really happy with the photos I got. For the most part, the weather was great and I got to see most (if not all) of the acts I wanted to. I really can't complain and, even though the experience wasn't the best at times, I'm going to keep the negativity to a minimum. I also don't think it would be appropriate to explain why on here.


The Friday was off to a good start with performances from Haunt The Woods, The Academic and Sundara Karma. Sundara Karma is a band I have been into for a good few months and, although they weren't the best vocally, I was happy to have seen them live.




I made the decision to miss Reef, and might've been a bit disheartened to hear only good things about their performance, but I still think my time was well spent exploring the rest of the festival and capturing some timelapse. Meanwhile, the crowd was getting very excited for Raleigh Ritchie. Due to the extreme wind and weather last year, Raleigh Ritchie (along with others) wasn't able to go through with his performance. He explained that he was going to make up for it, and he did just that! 



One of my favourite performances was from Circa Waves. They were note perfect and had a lot of energy. At one point, the band got the whole crowd down to the floor until their song built up and everyone could dance and sing along! I don't think Lower Than Atlantis had quite as much fun on stage, but they sounded great and the lead singer seemed very appreciative and humbled by the audience. A couple of my photos from their performance are featured on the BBC website here:




Harsh sunlight isn't exactly flattering and easy to work with, but I got a lot of good photos from Everything Everything's performance. Their music isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it went perfectly with the festival atmosphere, nice weather and idyllic summer vibes. After the performance finished, everyone was treated to a beautiful sunset! I thought the marketing team would appreciate the giant Boardmasters logo in the photo below. I really liked the shadows of the few festival goers and how the leading lines take up that area of the photo.




The weather stayed sunny for the second day of the festival, but I spent most of the morning editing photos. The first act I photographed was Rag N Bone man. I found him to be a very talented singer, but an average performer. I did get some cool shots of his guitarist and one from the crowd.




MNEK was pretty entertaining. I also quite liked Rhodes' show and the photos I got from that. Another good performance was by Rae Morris.



 The day was going well. I found the time to catch up with my cousin who was attending the festival and we put my drinks tokens to good use! As we were relaxing by the Unleashed (dance) tent, I thought that I could pay that a visit and photograph the "special guest", Sam Feldt. The lighting in the Unleashed tent made it hard to get a bad photo, and Sam acted great on stage. After a few summery tunes, my cousin and I made our way to see the legendary De La Soul on the main stage. That performance didn't really stand out to me, but it was definitely very good. The shot you can see below is another example of how the harsh sunlight isn't the best for photography like this. Saying that, the warmth of the light is great. As you can see, the stage lighting highlights around the singer - I must've tried to get a shot like this for 2 out of the 3 songs, but I finally got it! 




Lethal Bizzle's performance was sure to be a crazy one, so it was back to the Unleashed tent I went. The lighting was perfect once again and, honestly, I think this was my number one highlight from the weekend. There was so much action on stage and, when I walked out of the tent, I knew I had taken some of my best photos EVER!




No one was prepared for Rudimental's entrance, but my exposure was pretty good. The staging was incredible and the performance was fantastic. I think I did very well at capturing the excitement and energy. I like the lights and all of the action.





I didn't have a pit pass for the Sunday so I spent most of it around the smaller stages and out of the rain. A fairly large crowd gathered at the "keg and pasty" stage for a few hours of open mic (or maybe to get out of the rain like me). I then headed to the main stage and caught some performances from front of house/the sound board. I was impressed with Fickle Friends and really enjoyed Prides. Getting interesting shots from front of house was a challenge because of the distance, but the crowd was energetic and both were great on stage. 




I returned to the media tent to process some photos, but was sent on a mission around the campsite. The aim was to get some photos of the festival's "Green Team" hard at work. I was happy with the photos and got a good variety, but the girls didn't actually like having their photos taken and the rain didn't help.


My next mission was a group photo for the Boardmasters team. Although there were so many people, it was a pretty easy job. They attempted a jump shot and even a human pyramid, which was very amusing. 


Headlining that night was Bastille, so it was pretty important that we all covered it. I got a good spot by going to the soundboard early and there were lots of people in the pit so I was probably at an advantage. However, getting sharp photos was difficult because it was so dark. The lighting was also awkward and uninteresting, but I did get a few good photos. I stuck out the whole performance and waited for the finale. The confetti cannons were a bit of a disappointment but they made for a good ending to my video! Follow the links below for more!



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