The Blue Moon

July 30, 2015

Tonight was a very special night because of a rare astronomical event. For the first time since August 2012, we were able to witness two full moons in a single month - the second full moon being a "blue moon". With an almost completely clear sky, I couldn't miss the opportunity to document the event. The phrase "once in a blue moon" actually meant something - who knew?!


I drove to the top of my village where I knew of some interesting trees - making for an interesting foreground and depth in the final photo. The trees definitely add an extra element to the photo, as do the clouds. I am happy that some of the leaves and branches are in focus because focussing was tricky with minimal light and the moon definitely isn't a sharp as it could be. Photographing just a couple of hours after sunset meant that there was still colour in the sky which also adds interest. Saying that, this probably isn't necessary considering the moon creates a brighter sky when it is full. Achieving a colourful sky and a properly exposed moon is another challenge because of the high dynamic range in the shot. Bracketing your photos and compositing the two/three shots later is a must, but layering the photos up can prove to be a pain even if you used a tripod.


If you didn't get the chance to photograph or witness the blue moon this year, then there is always next time... In 2018.



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