Constantine Bay, Cornwall, UK

July 22, 2015


After a day of off and on rain, I was slightly scared but very excited to shoot at Constantine Bay. With a cloud filled sky, I was sure there was going to be a colourful and dramatic sunset.


I arrived to some fantastic god rays in the sky. With a very challenging photo in mind, I decided to try for something simpler – a panorama. The photo I gave up on would've been deep in the dunes like a previous photo I have taken. In the end, I simply scouted a good location for that photo. Into the dunes I climbed and found a random circle of sand that would be perfect.


With a spot for the future photo scouted, I quickly snapped off a few photos to create the panorama. The sun started to go down and I could see lots of colour peaking through the darker, lower clouds so I was happy to get something from the evening. The panorama is made up of 11 vertical shots, edited and enhanced in photoshop. The result is a dramatic, yet beautiful landscape pano.


After taking those shots, I saw that to my left was another photographer – Matt Whorlow. We had a good conversation and discussed some of our favourite places to shoot. It wasn't until later, when I searched through his online galleries, that I realised I was being given tips by such a talented and experienced photographer. Click here for Matt's website.



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